The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly that incited a Tornado.

I came across this article by the famous scientist, Edward Lorenz. This meteorologist, pitched in the Chaos Theory, in which the Butterfly Effect is a concept. The man came up with this idea that even the small flapping of the butterfly’s wings can have catastrophic outcomes in the end, such as a tremendous Tornado.

I don’t know about you but this keeps me up all night. A small change in the timeline can result in the major outcome in my life. This idea blows up my mind. The bottom line is that everyone’s life has a “What if?” in their own plausible outcomes. Time, as we all know, is ever moving. And I all I can do is think, of all the alternate endings to this “life”. Intellectuals argue that time is relative but I’d rather say, time is causative. Every end has its own beginning.

Time is the transcendence of Life. Time is a mirror. It showed me how I had been, it shows how I should be and it shows how I would be. The choices that I make will be history of the future. The one “alternity” where I could be anything. What will I choose. The choice is mine. So, here I am to choose mine. Hope this makes you choose yours. But, remember the little butterfly flaps can be the genesis of great tornadoes.

Au Revoir

Super Skywalker