The Sound of Silence

What do we live for? More like, whom do we live for?

Complexities with subtle spark of life dust. That’s what we are. Trust me, a person who’s spent his 19 years trying to cling on to Jack’s floating cupboard after the titanic sank. How long could I hold on to it? There was always a theory that Rose and Jack could both have survived on that cupboard. But then, his death was substantial to the plot. Eventually, they had to drop him into the arctic. Existential crisis, alters all outcomes.

Human beings are quite interesting. Society is a catalyst per se. Humans react transversely when placed in a social role. A student trying to impress his master. A boy trying to impress a girl. A wife trying to impress her husband. An employee to his boss. A writer to his readers… Living life one act at a time.

I think, the perception of mind is resonating around the two dimensions of spirituality and mentality. As I’ve said before, “The Sound of Silence” can speak many things. We just, don’t listen to them often. Even Superman had his own fortress of solitude to converse with his silence.

I’ve had my lessons with silence. It’s just given me hope, or at least a glimpse what it feels to be hopeful. I might be evolving. And for the first time in my life I’ve got a good feeling about this. I’ve learnt to choose the bed of roses, than thorns… After all, it’s the same rose that gives out thorns. Optimist, NO. Pessimist, NEVER. An Opportunist, HELL YEAH! Taking things smooth. And After all, “AS THE GOING GETS TOUGH, THE TOUGH GET GOING”.

But just remember this, you don’t live for them. IT’S your LIFE. It might throw you into deepwaters, but that’s all just to cleanse you. Just take all things with a glee and this too shall pass, my friend.

Your Skywalker