Numero Uno

In the Beginning, the Word became the Man.

Hello, and yes, this is my first personal blog in which I am gonna share my daily words with a pinch of my common life with an aroma of my impetuous English.

March 15th, a day that I am never gonna forget in my life. Today was the end of my school life. But it wasn’t so sentimental as it would seem to be. I tried getting my last goodbyes to my teachers who had been teaching me for the past 14 years. But the not so good school, got us pushed out of the gates, thinking that we might vandalize the school. A particular teacher filled my eyes. She was very professional but still managed to get the kids on her side. It was all fun, when we started scrawling on our school uniform so badly some of them got torn. My shirt was completely filled with autographs that I would miss and non-sense that I would admire.

It all started when I came back home. Now everything was clear. The 14 years started go fast as a movie reel. It made me shed tears. Now I cannot time-jump to my kindergarten. The days of my adulthood are kicking in. I feel quite scared of my responsibilities. Later, I cooled myself watching some good Anime like Naruto and started binging Holmes on Netflix. But nothing could give me the fun that we had in our classrooms. I reckon we all feel the same. Life is just amazingly perpetuated by an algorithm with no predefined syntax, but still it keeps pumping my heart, everyday waiting to sleep tonight.

Until morrow.

Good Night Travellers.