10th May, 2019

I “May” have missed something. Yes, it wasn’t just substantial. I come across gratitude periodically. The last thing I remember was this hot fumes of agony. Now, it’s just a tender breeze of cold comfortness. I’ve never felt such satiable moments and in my life.

Everything speaks to me metaphorically. When I say everything, it’s literally everything. I dreamt of this Gardener. He goes to his garden and waters the one plant in his entire garden. The herb had a Blossom. Believe me, it was the most beautiful Flora that I’ve ever seen. He keeps watering to it’s beauty and it engulfed it’s evolution. But as a bullet to my brain, he plucked that flower. My heart felt for it. The Gardener gave it to his daughter saying, ” Everything that excels in it’s nature has to be passed on to the ones that multiplies it’s beauty.” He placed the flower on her head. And now the flower was a many times elegant and exquisite in it’s own charm.

I look at that flower as myself. It has been watered all these days. It had to be decapitated to reach it’s Destiny which allures it’s eternal beauty.

Pain gives Purpose. Now it has shown me that life keeps giving. Later, I realized that I too should give something to my life and those who dwell in it.

Finding Salvation requires the instrument of Grace.

Until next 日

Your Skywalker.