Datum Zwei

The 16th of March.

Who could have predicted that this day would be dry as dunes. Yes, of course I made plans for the holidays. But now it all seems to’ve been obliviated from my mind. This day made me do certain things that I regretted even though I kept doing it. We must observe the fact that I was the “Gamer” boy who was just schway. But then the fact that I knew some Photoshop benefited my school and it made me loose my spare time for games. Well, it was my Public Board exams that actually made me withdraw from games. And now, the weird thing is that I despise Gaming so badly that I literally killed my friend who came today to play with me. (in my mind).

Something is stopping me from entertaining. Maybe, its just my guilt-conscience that reminds me of my responsibilities that I often forget about…After all, I’m just a High School kid who just passed out with no possible ideas about my future.

Being a Neocat, gives me certain perks that sometimes give me a negative push and positive pull . I try to be someone whom I was not meant to be. But it might even make me think that I will always be doing whatever that will make me look normal. And yes, after everything from today, the day could’ve been drier but I still found rain in my deserts. Hope y’all find the rain in your deserts.

Until then,

Your Skywalker